Eastern Surf

Eastern Surf are a collective of four artists Ana Kuzmanic, Francesca Nobilucci, Ewan Sinclair and Shona Macnaughton, living in the UK and Croatia. Since 2011 we have organised, produced and participated in a number of projects including exhibitions, performance, video, sculpture, publications and web based work. We have developed a methodology of swapping spaces, where we enter the spaces created by social media networks and user generated software platforms, in a cycle from the virtual to reality and back again. Through researching and using specific tools that facilitate our collaborative communication across different countries, we position ourselves as both user and observer. Looking at the control mechanisms that affect the way we and others communicate, we test the parameters of how we understand the “public realm” and how people are permitted to interact with such spaces. The work is a proposition towards a reclaiming of space as one might experience it now; fragmented, connected, controlled, online, offline, and the line between public and private diminishing.


Facing Detection

Whiskey Bond

ilovemyjob (2017)

Quartermile Render Ghosts

Inbuilt Render Ghosts

Launch Live Stream Event

CGI End Times

Accept the mystery!

The Meta Model

11/06/2011 10/07/2011

Real world models that know where they are

Rhubaba Studios and Gallery, Edinburgh.

22/11/2012 21/12/2012

Kernel Panic Control

Galženica Gallery, Zagreb

18/08/2012 02/09/2012

Towards Enclosure

Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh

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Curriculum Vitae



ilovemyjob online performance project for net.cube gallery, Zagreb, Croatia


Kernel Panic Control, Galzenica Gallery, Velica Gorica, Zagreb.

Towards Enclosure, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh.

TORINOver 2012, Museo d’Arte Orientale, Turin, Italy; Monitor Metro Station of Torino, Turin, Italy; Stills – Scotland’s Centre for Photography, Edinburgh, UK; Centralna Postaja, Maribor, Slovenia; WOLFART PROJECT SPACE, NAC Foundation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Librairie Mollat, Bordeaux, France; The Office contemporary art space affair, Castello di Ali Pashe Tepelena, Tirana, Albania; Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow, UK
The Mutual Charter, Various venues, Glasgow International Festival.


Real world models that know where they are, Rhubaba Studios and Gallery, Edinburgh.



Accept the mystery! Performance event at The Northern Charter, Newcastle, UK.


Society: Architecture/Public Space, Presentation for Lunch Bytes, CCA, Glasgow

How Near is Here?  Workshop and performance for Symposium and Intensive Programme on Locality, Collective, Edinburgh


Quartermile Render Ghosts, performance photoshoot, Edinburgh.

CGI End Times, performance photoshoot, Zagreb and Edinburgh.


Eastern Surf Presents: Launch Live Stream, online live event, streamed from London, Zagreb and Edinburgh



Kernel Panic Control Printed publication and exhibition catalogue including contributions from Eastern Surf and invited writers. Online PDF version. View publication here



Researcher in Residence at Hangar, Barcelona, Spain.


Quality Production Award, Creative Scotland

Visual Art Award: Edinburgh, Edinburgh City Council

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